CAMAC 16-Bit DAC Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any CAMAC based products.
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The 3116 is a single-width CAMAC module with 16 differential output voltage channels. The maximum output of each channel of the 3116 is rated at 10 volts, at a maximum 12 milliamperes.

Output signal levels can be resolved to 16 bits (one part in 65536) with better than 14-bit accuracy. The settling time for a 20 volt output step is 2 milliseconds.

Data values for each channel are written to a 16-bit wide, 16-word dual-ported memory. The memory is sequentially scanned, and the values are applied to a single, 16-bit Digital-to-Analog converter circuit.

CAMAC 16-Bit DAC Module: 3116

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The DAC output is then multiplexed to 16 high-precision sample-and-hold circuits, the outputs of which are fed through a 2-pole, active low-pass Bessel filter before being brought to the front panel connector. Since the voltage outputs of all circuits are accurate to within 500 V, only one Gain and one Offset potentiometer are needed to adjust the DAC. All channels are updated every 2.3 ms. The nominal cutoff frequency of each filter is set at 400 Hz.

Based on the position of an on-board strap option, data may be written and read in either offset binary or two's complement format. During power-on, the module goes into a sequence of zeroing the memory contents. This sequence lasts approximately 50 microseconds, and any attempt to read or write the memory during this time results in a Q = 0 response.

The output signals are available at a 36-contact, high-density rectangular connector on the module's front panel. This connector mates directly with KineticSystems Model 5944 connector and Model 5855-Series of cable assemblies. The 3116 front panel also contains an N LED which flashes whenever the module is addressed.

CAMAC Module Features

  • 16 Independent Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution for Each 10V Output
  • 12 mA Drive Capability
  • Low Drift
  • Single Gain and Offset Adjustments
  • 2-Pole Bessel Output Filter per Channel
  • Power-On Reset to Zero Volts

CAMAC Module Ordering Information

3116 Products and Part Numbers
16 Channels, 16-bit DAC 3116-V3A