CAMAC 16-Bit DAC Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any CAMAC based products.
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The 3195 is a single-width CAMAC module that provides an interface between the CAMAC Dataway and devices requiring analog inputs, allowing the computer to control such devices as gauges, indicators, and displays.

The 3195 features six digital-to-analog channels, each with a separate 16-bit converter. The DAC outputs are connected to a 50-contact connector on the front panel.

The 3195 accepts binary data in two's complement format from the CAMAC Dataway. The module's Mode Control register determines whether this data is passed directly to the selected DAC channel or held for sub-sequent simultaneous conversion.

CAMAC 16-Bit DAC Module: 3195

3195 Data Sheet

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Data is written into the Rank 1 register for each channel via F(16) commands. External control of the Rank 2 register (and DAC) update is selected by the Mode register. The Rank 1 data can be copied directly into the Rank 2 register by the F(16) command for independent conversion. For simultaneous conversion, all six channels of data can be copied into the Rank 2 registers by a one microsecond pulse on the P1 or P2 Dataway lines or by a signal at the front-panel LEMO connector.

There are five modes of external Rank 1/Rank 2 update control. The active mode is determined by the contents of the Mode Control register, which is written by an F(17)•A(0) command using Dataway bits W1-W3 (W1 is the LSB). Rank 1 data can be copied into the Rank 2 register by an F(25)•A(0) command regardless of the mode setting.

CAMAC Module Features

  • 6 Independent Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution
  • Settles to ±0.003% FSR in Less than 10 Microseconds
    (Full-Scale Step)
  • Independent or Simultaneous Conversion
  • Simultaneous Conversions Triggered from
    Dataway P1 Line or Front-Panel Input

CAMAC Module Ordering Information

3195 Products and Part Numbers
6 Channels, 16-bit DAC,
50S Amphenol Ribbon Connector
6 Channels, 16-bit DAC,
50P "D" Connector