CAMAC 12-Bit ADC Scanning Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any CAMAC based products.
We encourage our customers to review our current cPCI/PXI Product line for possible future migration:

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The Model 3512 is a single-width CAMAC module for converting 16 analog voltages into equivalent digital values which can be read via the Dataway.

The inputs are continuously scanned and converted, and the results stored in the module's 16-word memory. Thus, the CAMAC read cycles are asynchronous with the conversion process, eliminating any overhead due to testing for converter busy. The analog voltages are converted using a sample-and-hold amplifier and a successive-approximation converter.

The 3512 provides high transient voltage protection and contains optional input filters; it is useful in very high noise environments.

CAMAC 12-Bit ADC Scanning Module: 3512

3512 Data Sheet

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CAMAC Module Features

  • Differential Inputs
  • 16 Channels
  • Self-Scanning
  • Internal Buffer Memory
  • 12-Bit Resolution (1 Part in 4096)
  • Protected for 300 Volt Transient

CAMAC Module Ordering Information

3512 Products and Part Numbers
16 Channels, 12-bit Scanning ADC, with Filter
50S Ribbon
16 Channels, 12-bit Scanning ADC, no Filter
50S Ribbon
16 Channels, 12-bit Scanning ADC, with Filter
50D Connector
16 Channels, 12-bit Scanning ADC, no Filter
50D Connector