VXI 16-Bit ADC Host Subsystem Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any VXI based products.
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The V207 is a single-width, C-size, register-based, VXIbus module that provides high-speed, high-resolution, analog-to-digital conversion. This ADC host module is intended for use with the KineticSystems line of VXIbus signal conditioning modules that incorporate the analog MUX-bus (Model V246), allowing extremely flexible system configurations without the need for intermodule cabling.

The V207 host ADC module can be mixed and matched with up to 11 signal conditioning modules to support a wide range of analog channels. Signal conditioning modules communicate with a host ADC module via the Local Bus on the VXI backplane, using a protocol developed by KineticSystems called MUX-bus.

VXI 16-Bit ADC Host Subsystem Module: V207

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The V207 provides four instrumentation amplifier inputs, allowing high data throughput even with a large number of input channels. Using the appropriate signal conditioning modules, up to 256 channels can be converted with each channel having its own limit-checking value. Up to 4 preconditioned signals can be monitored by the V207 without any signal conditioning modules.

This product provides a high degree of flexibility in configuring an analog sampling system. With the multibuffer memory, data can be taken at high sample rates with conventional controllers. If the Digi-bus option is used, the converted data can be forwarded to other modules supporting this protocol.

The V207 supports both static and dynamic configuration. It may be accessed using A32/A16, D32/D16 data transfers.

VXI Module Features

  • ADC Supports 256 MUX-Bus Channels of Signal Conditioning
  • 500 KSPS Aggregate Sample Rate
  • 16-Bit Resolution & Differential Inputs
  • Optional Digi-Bus
  • Requires no Intermodule Cabling
  • Programmable Sampling & Triggering with Separate
    Limit Check on Each Channel
  • Precision On-Board Reference for End-to-End Calibration
  • Programmable Internal Clock Rate
  • Use with Signal Conditioning Modules:
    • V246: 8 Bridge Channels

VXI Module Ordering Information

V207 Products and Part Numbers
16-bit, 500 KSPS Aggregate ADC Subsystem,
4 MB Multibuffer Memory with Pre-Trigger
16-bit, 500 KSPS Aggregate ADC Subsystem,
16 MB Multibuffer Memory with Pre-Trigger