VXI Digital Input/Output Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any VXI based products.
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The V387 is a single-width, C-size, register-based, VXIbus module that contains up to 128 channels of digital input and/or digital output (TTL option). The module is configurable on a 32-channel basis through four interchangeable mezzanine cards, which are available in an assortment of I/O options.

Two non-isolated versions are available for bidirectional transfers: 32-channels, single-ended TTL; and 16-channel, differential (RS-422 signal levels). Seven isolated input voltage options (TTL, 12 V dc, 16 V dc, 24 V dc, 28 V dc, 48 V dc and 120 V ac) are also available. Input isolation is achieved by using LED/photo-transistor optical isolators.

VXI Digital Input/Output Module: V387

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Each option has 16 circuits with identical input voltage ratings and the switching threshold is approximately one half of the rated input voltage. Each circuit draws more than 5 mA, but less than 15 mA. The logic convention is such that a contact closure (voltage present) is interpreted as a logical "1". Each input is conditioned by filtering after the optical isolator. The filter time constant is programmable from 5 μs to over 1 s in 64 steps.

Output only cards are available with output circuits composed of reed relays; optical isolators; isolated ac switches; or single-pole, double-throw (Form "C") contacts. Each output card is a 16-channel circuit.

Input/output data is controlled in 16-bit groups. Double buffering of I/O data allows the module to simultaneously sample or update all inputs or outputs, respectively. These actions are programmable for each card and may be initiated by selecting either a trigger line or one of four external sources. The module may be used with or without external handshake circuitry. The logical sense of the external handshake signals is programmable for each mezzanine card. The logical sense of each I/O word can also be set under program control. Pattern recognition capabilities are programmable in 16-bit increments. A pre-written data pattern and a corresponding "enable" mask are compared with the incoming data on a continuous basis. A change-of-state indicator is also updated on a continuous basis. Either function (pattern recognition or change-of-state) can be used to generate a VXIbus trigger or an interrupt. The selection of interrupt level and/or trigger line is made under program control.

In addition to the four sockets provided for I/O cards, a socket is provided for an optional Digi-bus input or output interface. The Digi-bus input card may be used to select data words from other modules supporting this protocol. This data may be directed to I/O locations for output control. The Digi-bus output card is capable of moving data from input locations and controlling the flow of this data over Digi-bus.

The V387 supports both static and dynamic configuration. It may be accessed using A32/A16, D32/D16 data transfers.

VXI Module Features

  • Pluggable Mezzanine Cards with these Digital I/O Options
    (Select up to 4):
    • 32 Channels Single-Ended TTL I/O
    • 16 Channels Differential I/O
    • 16 Channels Isolated Input
    • 16 Channels Reed-Relay Output
    • 16 Channels Form "C" Relay Output
    • 16 Channels Optical Isolator Output (2)
    • 6 Channels Solid-State AC Switch Output
  • Trigger Generation or Interrupt on Pattern Recognition or
    Change-of-State Detection
  • Programmable Contact-Bounce Suppression on Inputs
  • Variety of I/O Strobe or Handshake Options
  • Optional Digi-bus Interface

VXI Module Ordering Information

V387 Products and Part Numbers
16 to 128 Channels Discrete Digital I/O Base Board,
4 Open Mezzanine Sites
V387 Mezzanine Card Options
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 5 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 12 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 24 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 48 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 120 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 16 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Isolated Digital Input, 28 V dc
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Digital Output, Optical Isolator
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Reed Relay Output
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Form "C" Relay Output
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels AC Switch
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels 130mA Isolated Output
Mezzanine Card
32 Channels TTL Input/Output
Mezzanine Card
16 Channels Differential Input/Output
Mezzanine Card