CAMAC Chassis Mainframe Crate

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any CAMAC based products.
We encourage our customers to review our current cPCI/PXI Product line for possible future migration:

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The KineticSystems 1502 CAMAC chassis rackmount crate is a full-featured 25-slot CAMAC crate that includes the CAMAC Dataway with an 86-contact PC edge connector.

The 1502 CAMAC crate fully complies with the CAMAC specification IEEE-583.

The 1502 CAMAC crate includes self-contained cooling blowers in a front-removable fan tray as well as a rear-mounted power supply that converts the AC source to the mandatory DC CAMAC Dataway voltages ±6V and ±24V and also provides the optional ±12V outputs.

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The 1502 CAMAC crate can deliver up to 525 W of power. The power supply features ±6V outputs shared to 52 A and ±24V outputs shared to 9 A. The front panel of the fan tray includes an over-temperature warning LED, a switch-selected digital meter for monitoring all voltages and currents, and removable air-intake filters. Options are available with a rear I/O mounting bar for affixing 36-contact PC edge connectors and with a status bit on a rear LEMO connector.

CAMAC Chassis Mainframe Crate 1502 Diagram

CAMAC Chassis Mainframe Features

  • CAMAC Crate Fully Complaint with CAMAC IEEE-583 Specification
  • 25-Slots for CAMAC Instrumentation Modules
  • Supplies Mandatory CAMAC DC Voltages ±24V and ±6V, with
    additional ±12V
  • Delivers up to 525 Watts of Power
  • Provides Input Voltage Range Selections
  • Provides Voltage & Current Metering

CAMAC Chassis Mainframe Ordering Information

1502 Products and Part Numbers
Powered CAMAC Chassis Crate,
25 Slots for CAMAC Moudules,
52A, 100/120/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Powered CAMAC Chassis Crate,
25 Slots for CAMAC Moudules,
with I/O Mounting Bar and Status Bit
52A, 100/120/220 V, 50/60 Hz
52A Power Supply for Model 1502-P3x
Powered Crates