VXI Chassis Mainframe

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any VXI based products.
We encourage our customers to review our current cPCI/PXI Product line for possible future migration:

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The KineticSystems V196 is the industry’s highest performance 13-slot, C size VXI chassis. Featuring increased power and cooling, system monitoring, and a rugged modular design, HPC VXI is ideal for the latest generation of high-performance VXI instrumentation.

Capable of delivering over 3,000W through the backplane, the Tracewell HPC VXI is available with single or dual power supplies that plug directly into the backplane, eliminating high-current DC wiring while providing exceptional dynamic load response. To efficiently manage this amount of power, the 13-slot backplane uses a unique power distribution scheme and special high current DIN connectors. The high-flow fan module is also pluggable and supplies 300 cfm of airflow at 0.125" of H2O board restriction in a fully loaded chassis.

VXI Chassis Mainframe: V196

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Tracewell HPC VXI also features comprehensive system monitoring. This intelligent system provides a warning to the operator when power and cooling readings go out of tolerance. The power monitor continuously verifies all seven VXI DC voltages, and has the unique ability to notify the user of a past voltage fault even if it returns to normal. The cooling monitor verifies fan function and is also available with a temperature monitor option. In the event a cooling fault is detected, the monitor shuts down the system to prevent costly damage to the installed VXI boards. A front panel display provides local status for power and cooling as well as other major system functions. In addition, a rear connector outputs both power and cooling monitor information for remote site operation.

This VXI Plug-n-Play compatible chassis occupies just 10U of rack space and is designed to accommodate a single tier receiver assembly. Other options include bottom mounted cable tray and rack slides.

VXI Chassis Mainframe Features

  • Low-Profile 10U Rack Space
  • 1 KW or 1.4 KW Plugging Power System
  • 13 Slot High-Current VXI Backplane
  • Plugging Fan Module with 3 x 152 CFM Fans
  • Intelligent Monitoring with Remote Output
  • VXI Plug-n-Play Compliant for 1 & 2-Tier Receivers
  • Rack Slide and Cable Tray Options
  • High-Performance Digital Test Ready

VXI Chassis Mainframe Ordering Information

V196 Products and Part Numbers
10U VXI Rackmount Chassis,
13 Slots for C-Size VXI Modules,
1 KW Power Supply
10U VXI Rackmount Chassis,
13 Slots for C-Size VXI Modules,
1.4 KW Power Supply