VXI Chassis Mainframe

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any VXI based products.
We encourage our customers to review our current cPCI/PXI Product line for possible future migration:

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The V198 is a small and low cost VXIbus mainframe. The small size and light weight of the V198 make it the ideal mainframe for portable/mobile applications. The V198 offers mainframe monitoring of temperature and voltages, quiet and efficient cooling, and 175 watts of usable power.

Front panel monitoring reflects up to the moment status of power supply and cooling fan integrity. A temperature monitor is also located on the front panel to indicate over-temperature. A two-speed fan provides quiet and efficient cooling. A two-position fan speed control mounted on the front of the unit changes from Full Speed mode to Variable Speed mode. The Variable Speed mode allows the control of fan speed as a function of the mainframe temperature.

VXI Portable/Mobile Chassis Mainframe: V198

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The V198 backplane features solid state jumperless construction to eliminate the need to manually configure VMEbus grant and interrupt acknowledge signals. The surface mount backplane technology improves both reliability and stripline signal performance.

Access to the power supply and the cooling fan can be made conveniently through the rear panel of the mainframe. A replacement power supply or fan can be installed without removing the unit from the rack. The modular plug-in design reduces the time it takes to perform field maintenance.

VXI Chassis Mainframe Features

  • Full-Size VXI Portable/Mobile Chassis Mainframe
  • 4 Slot VXI Backplane
  • Modular Power Supply Assembly
  • 175 Watts of Useable Power
  • Highly Efficient, Quiet Cooling System
  • System Monitoring Included
  • Light Weight

VXI Chassis Mainframe Ordering Information

V198 Products and Part Numbers
VXI Portable/Mobile Chassis,
4 Slots for C-Size VXI Modules,
800W Power Supply