CAMAC 24-Bit Frequency Counter Module

* This legacy model is discontinued. We can no longer provide any CAMAC based products.
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The 3615 is a single-width CAMAC module containing six independent 24-bit counters. These counters accept terminated NIM signals at rates from dc to 100 megahertz (minimum pulse width three nanoseconds).

Each counter has an overflow bit which is set on a carry from either Bit 16 or Bit 24 and generates a LAM, if enabled. The pattern of overflow bits in a module can be read. An overflow output for each counter can be wired to a rear-panel PC edge connector for cascading counters.

Counters can be inhibited by Dataway Inhibitor by a front-panel signal. They can be individually cleared by Dataway command or as a group by Dataway clear or front-panel signal.

CAMAC 24-Bit Frequency Counter Module: 3615

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The input is protected for a 50 volt transient or 4 volts dc. Counter inputs are terminated in 50 ohms while inhibit and clear inputs are bridged high impedance.

When precise timing of sequenced events is required, the Model 3655 Timing module provides a time base for the 3615 by asserting the Dataway Inhibit line for a programmable interval. A front-panel switch enables the inhibiting of counting by the Dataway Inhibit line.

When the count in any counter reaches 224 (or 216 selected by a jumper), the counter rolls over and continues to count, and a corresponding overflow LAM status bit is set. The six LAM status bits are OR'ed and, when enabled, produce a LAM request. The pattern of the six LAM status bits can be read to locate the specific counter that overflowed.

CAMAC Module Features

  • 6 Independent 24-bit Frequency Counter Channels
  • Maximum Count 16,777,215
  • Frequency Range of DC to 100 MHz
  • LAM on Overflow
  • NIM Standard Inputs
  • 10 Nanosecond Paired Pulse Resolution

CAMAC Module Ordering Information

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6 Channels, 100 MHz Frequency Counter, 24-bits,
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