Software Development Kits (SDKs) for
cPCI/PXI Data Acquisition Instrumentation

Each KinetiSystems data acquisition and control instrument is delivered with a full set of VISA compliant Plug and Play (PnP) drivers to easily integrate into a new or existing cPCI/PXI installation with a complete software development kit.

By providing a fully compliant VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) interface, all KineticSystems cPCI/PXI instruments can be uniquely identified and present its capabilities, resources, event notifications, memory allocation, and platform specific commands to the host system's application.

For example, unlike other supplier modules without VISA support, all KineticSystems cPCI/PXI instruments can be easily queried and indentified from 3rd party development tools such as National Instruments Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI-MAX) to begin quickly working with KineticSystems instruments under NI development software.

The standard application programming interface (API) of VISA allows for instrument interchangeability, platform independence, and software from different vendors to run together on the same platform.

All KinteticSystems cPCI/PXI instruments include a standard software development kit that contains a complete set of example code in C, LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW to illustrate the program flow required to utilize the instruments. These examples can be used as the foundation to build a specific application or used as-is for instrument diagnostics.

cPCI/PXI DAQ Software Development Kits

Supporting Instruments