VXI Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation Software

* We can no longer provide any VXI based products.
We encourage our customers to review our current cPCI/PXI Product line for possible future migration:

cPCI/PXI Data Acquisition & Control Products

KineticSystems supplies VXI systems ranging from a few channels tethered to a computer to thousands of channels remotely distributed through Local Area Network (LAN) connections. Whether the VXI instrumentation systems are fixed purpose for specific testing or require flexibility for handling multi-role data acquisition, KineticSystems provides the instrumentation software tools for expedient implementation.

VXI Plug-n-Play Device Drivers

VXI Device drivers become an extension of the operating system while providing a high-level-language interface (typically C, C++ and/or FORTRAN) between a software application and the registers of a hardware interface.

KineticSystems develops VXI device drivers for various computer operating systems to meet customer requirements. All KineticSystems VXI products are supplied with a complete Plug-n-Play device driver kit software package.